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Our company has been specializing in residential and commercial cleaning services for 22 years years in Pacheco CA and the surrounding areas.

If your time is limited and you cannot manage your domestic chores at home, you need a professional house cleaning service like ours. Chela Janitorial Services Inc will provide excellent house cleaning and carpet cleaning services. We have all the necessary tools to accomplish an efficient and professional cleaning service.

Professional house and office cleaning

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Our cleaners know that cleaning takes a long time and is not always an easy thing to do. If not executed properly the dust and dirt can become ingrained in the fabric or surfaces and make them appear dirtier than before. The more you clean them the dirtier they appear. If you hire a professional janitorial cleaning providers this problem will disappear.

There is no better carpet cleaning service, available in Pacheco CA or the surrounding areas.

Vacuuming a carpet

Cleaning is a task that must be handled correctly. If you do not have the experience and expertise and have failed to do it a number of times, then it is time to turn to a professional service like ours. Spare your efforts, save your time and choose our impeccable janitorial cleaning service. We will take care of the rest. You will have free time for other things and no longer have to worry. If there is a professional cleaning service, it is ours. Our services are the most efficient and reliable.

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Great Janitors

We have been using Chela Janitorial Services Inc for more than 5 years and we have never been let down! Really great guys. For sure the most cleanest ones!

We perform commercial cleaning services for large premises and office buildings.

If you are the owner of a big corporation or company and you need your business premises cleaned, contact our professional assistants. They will be available for your requests at any time. Large premises are not easy to clean if only one cleaner is engaged. Also they cannot be cleaned properly without the use of the right equipment. Our cleaners have all the tools for professional office cleaning service. So you do not have to worry about anything. When performing our cleaning services we carry all the necessary tools and equipment.

Cleaned office by Chela Janitorial Services Inc

Chela Janitorial Services Inc use only the most advanced equipment for cleaning and the most modern products available on the market. We continuously strive to keep up to date with all new products and equipment that are introduced onto the market. With them we provide excellent carpet cleaning services, which are greatly appreciated by our customers. They are satisfied with the efficient results and carpet cleanliness achieved by our technicians. Chela Janitorial Services Inc have a team of professional technicians who are fully trained to operate cleaning equipment and handle any cleaning job no matter the extent of its difficulty. They are proficient and experienced to manage any big or small project.

Call us at (925) 688-8991 for residential and commercial cleaning services in the territory of Pacheco CA. Contact our assistants for any office or house cleaning service you need in Pacheco CA and the surrounding areas. Whether you need one off cleaning of only one carpet or an entire office building requiring weekly care, we are always ready to meet your needs and answer your requests. Our technicians are able to provide you with excellent house and office cleaning services.

Chela Janitorial Services Inc
428 N Buchanan Cir suit 12 Pacheco, CA 94553-5140
(925) 688-8991