About us

Chela Janitorial Services Inc has been providing residential and commercial cleaning services in Pacheco, CA and all of the surrounding areas since 1991. Our technicians are a team of experienced and reliable professionals who are fully trained to perform excellent office & house cleaning services. We know that quality is important, that is why we strive to maintain it and keep it up. Our customers are satisfied with our cleaning services as we are able to offer them at competitive prices. We are also quick and capable of managing big projects.

Chela Janitorial Services Inc also provides carpet cleaning services, being the top quality services in Pacheco, CA and the surrounding areas. We deliver the most efficient means for cleaning and work with tools of our own in accomplishing residential projects. Our cleaners are responsible and reliable. They will always respond to your needs and arrive at the exact time agreed by both sides. If you need carpet cleaning the best thing to do for a fast service is contact us.

The assistants in our company will answer your questions and be helpful for any house or commercial cleaning you need to undertake.

Call our professionals at (925) 688-8991 for the most trustworthy cleaning service!

We give a discount of 10% if you call us and mention this ad.

We work Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 am